Wise Transition
Coaching and Spiritual Guidance for Women in Transition







When I left my career in business and went to school for my Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology I had everything planned out, which was normal for me.  There were three choices that I could choose to specialize in for my degree.  I planned that I would get a double specialization in coaching and spiritual psychology.  The third choice of creativity and innovation I threw out because I knew that I wasn’t creative.  You can probably see this coming, what did I end up choosing as my specialization?  Of course it is creativity and innovation! 

I have discovered that I am very creative and innovative, that has always been one of my strengths in business, I just didn’t realize it, appreciate it or own it.  I could kick myself now for not giving myself credit for it, but it is just another life lesson I have learned.  I was pretty sure I wasn’t creative because I can’t draw.  All that means is that I have never learned to draw.  (As a side note, in my creativity classes I became famous for my ability to communicate with stick people!) Drawing is a skill. Creativity is a way of being.  We are ALL creative, every single one of us. Some of us embrace it more than others.  

The more I accept and trust that I am creative, the more I rely on and own my ability to be creative and to value my creative response.  It is a challenge in a culture that focuses so heavily on the logical left brain processing and ways of knowing.  I feel fortunate that I can operate in that way; I was a finance professional, so I had to.  But I am also very thankful that I have discovered that I can be both logical and creative.  Creativity can be so much more than making something look pretty.  It can be a lifestyle, a way of designing your life.  You can choose to look at anything you do in a new way.  What if you create a new way to drive to work?  Or what if you make a new meal, something you have never tried before?  What is amazing is that doing small everyday tasks in a creative way leads to more creativity in all aspects of your life.  

In my experience, it is just plain more fun to live life from a creative perspective. In my work with women who are transitioning from Active Mothering to the Wise Woman years, I use creative expression as part of the process of envisioning possibilities for what is your life can be.  Natalie Rogers, PhD, the daughter of famed psychologist Carl Rogers, developed the methodology for using creative expression to explore and learn about our inner selves.  In her work, she saw that creative pursuits move us past our preconceived parameters about the limits of what we can have in our lives, and allows us to begin to perceive the vast universe of what is possible.  And the good news is that we are all creative, we were created that way.  All it takes is a little focus on playing – play is creativity at its best – and it is amazing to see what begins to show up.  Schedule some time to start playing this week and see what happens.  I think you will be amazed. 

Karen Herold