Wise Transition
Coaching and Spiritual Guidance for Women in Transition


Join master creative wisdom facilitator Karen Herold to explore, create, discover and Understand the Wisdom your sub-personalities have for you.


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Our sub-personalities can sometimes seem like a busload of kids…loud and unruly! But they can hold a huge amount of wisdom when we take the time to get to know them and make them our allies. Join Karen in meeting your loudest sub-personalities by exploring them through an imaginal journey, discussion, and through playful creation of an image of your sub-personality.

Why are sub-personalities important? Each sub-personality has strengths and weaknesses. When we get to know them we can access their strengths when we need them. And when they are talking loudly we know that they have something important to share about our fears. If we listen to them, work with their fear, and appreciate that they are trying to keep us safe we make them our ally. They quiet down and YOU stop being limited by them as you reach towards your goals.

November 3, 2018 9am - 1pm Cost $99 (sliding scale available)

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Explore your sub-personality with wire, clay, paint, fabric, paper, markers…

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

The goal is increased self-awareness and hope as you create the life you want thru creative exploration in a safe circle of curious, fun and wise women.

Requirements –

· Curious

· Desire to creatively explore

· Fun, playful

· Interested in growing and learning

Not Required –

· Artistic or creative experience, knowledge or skill

Creative Exploration is about the process-NOT the product!

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